Travelling in the contemporary period has become a fun and exciting necessity of almost all age groups of people but it cannot be separated from travel agencies. Booking tickets online to travel any desirable destination at affordable price is hard to seek today, but Cleartrip is one such travel agency which provide you a handsome option to save your money. Cleartrip not only help you in booking tickets of flights and trains online but as well as hotels bookings and trains calendar to see the date in advance for booking ticket.

Cleartrip was launched in July 2006 and become an industry leader with 35% market and mind share by staying true to its mission making travel simple. It offers wide range of travel solutions for everyone and making unparalleled customer support booking 6000 tickets with 180 hotel room nights every day. Shop discount prices at and cash back offers help in saving your hard earned money. Clicking a mouse on itself makes your booking simple, enjoyable, and easier. You can easily avail special offers, deals and discounts.

Cleartrip.Com Flights is one of the fastest growing well-recognised travel portal which facilitates users a simple search of booking flights, accommodation and train tickets comparison with other portals. It as well has associate websites and partners through which you can book tickets enjoying the same facilities as with Cleartrip. has won many awards in these 5 years for its great services and simplicity including Best Travel Website by PC World’s best Indian websites awards in 2006 and 2007, Award of “Google of Travel Websites” by PC world web in 2008, Most user friendly website by Juxt Consult in 2007, Excellence award in open source implementation by Red Hat in 2007 and Indian favourite travel website in 2010 at Conde Nast Traveller’s Readers. Cleartrip is a good travel planner and tourism information provider.

Cleartrip has some special strong features like Simple, comprehensive, reliable and responsible which proves their work and success. These all features prove well when it comes to the business of booking domestic air tickets. Booking air tickets online through Cleartrip assure you a simple procedure to purchase ticket at a secured price. The website provides its customers with valuable information about domestic flights options and more.

A Cleartrip domestic flights booking is made easier with You can book air ticket for flying any destination searching a flexible date, many bookings of flight and accommodation at a time. Discount offers, cheap deals and other heart winning offers can be seeked visiting its main website or contacting customer care. There is flexibility of time and budget choosing at Cleartrip. IRCTC has authorized this agency for the ease of the passengers.

Most of us are well aware of the fact that the web site is synonymous with "Making Travel Simple" for all the travelers and consumers. This OTA has reached a unique land mark in the last 4 to 5 years. With its new campaign "Every trip has a purpose", this web site has actually taken another forward step for further strengthening the relationship with the travelers. The campaign itself says it all. Every trip or journey definitely holds some purpose. Nothing is done without a purpose or reason. This campaign started from the January month this year. Since then, it has been working hard towards providing the best possible services to the travelers.

The whole concept of this campaign is to provide the travel expertise, thoughtful leadership and deep acknowledgement of the customers in the travel and tourism category. This campaign actually communicates directly to the mind and heart of the travelers. It does not matter whether you are a long term customer of the OTA or a new one. You will get the same hospitality. Real people have real life experiences. This has happened for the first time that a travel company has really engaged the consumers and travelers into creating wonderful communications which is new and refreshing outlook. These communications are grounded on the credible consumer insights and research.

This wonderful campaign by Cleartrip vividly captivates about 80 personal stories from several travelers around the geography. All these responses are unsolicited and real. This web site holds the guts to present something unique like this for its consumers. New consumers are always eager to know the real experiences of the old consumers of certain agency in order to decide whether they should go for it or not. It is like making history in the tourism world. This campaign is extended across various online and television channels. Thus, you can share your trips and experiences with the

This was the new visitors and consumers to this OTA will get great help in making their decisions. It is 100% assured that you will not be cheated and there is no one to force you to make deal with the agency. You have your mind, read the communications and then use your mind. is one amongst the most fascinating and best travel service providers around the tourism industry. You can not deny this fact. After the launch of this amazing campaign, you can trust this OTA a lot more.

It is good news for the travellers now that Cleartrip mobile provide you the facility to surf the website on your mobile. This helps you out in making all booking by using mobile itself. This is the way which helps you out in planning your journey even though not having any laptop or computer.