The Gir National Park is situated in the Kathiawar peninsula in Gujarat. This place is located 65 Km to the south-east of the Junagadh city. The Government of India established this park in the year 1965. It is spread in total area of 1412 km squares where in over 258 km square area had been given the title of "fully protected area" and the rest of 1153 km square area is meant for the Sanctuary. Well, this is a nice collection of evergreen and semi-evergreen grasslands and flowers, rivers, acacia scrib, and dry deciduous forests. It is popular for its Asiatic Lions. Their scientific name is Panthera leo persica. In present time, there are over 300 lions here.

Tourist Attractions of Gir National Park

Uparkot Fort - This fort at Gir National Park has its own charm and importance. Actually it is popular for the virtual inaccessibility around. You can not miss to go to this place.

Gir National Park

Chorwad beach - If you want to stay and relax in a delightful and pleasant manner, you must stay at the resort available at Chorwad beach which is surely the sunny coast of Gujarat state.

Ahmadpur Mandvi - It is not only the finest of the beaches in Gujarat but also in the entire India. You will love to explore its beauty and essence.

Girnar Temples - If you are visiting Gir National Park, you can not miss going to the Girnar Temples. They offer ultimate peace and faith.

Ashoka's Rock Edicts - When you are on your way to Girnar, you can view and explore 14 rock edicts of the Emperor Ashoka which are finely inscribed on the great boulder.

Damodar - The Girnar temples actually got their ascent and acclivity from the Damodar sacred tank.

Maqbara - This Maqbara is actually the mausoleum of the Nawabs of Gujarat who were the conventional and traditional emperors and rulers of the Junagadh city.

Somnath Temple - The Temple of Somnath is unbeatable in architecture and design. It is one amongst the 12 most auspicious and scared shrines of Lord Shiva in India.

Jeep Safari - If you want to observe the big wild cats in their natural habitat in the dusk or dawn time you must go for Jeep Safari. You will watch them prowling. You will surely like to move around in jeep in the forests of Gir National park.

How to Reach

By Air: The closest airport is situated at Keshod which is 90-km away via Veraval. You will get regular flights from Mumbai city to Keshod. Then from Keshod you can drive by car to reach the National Park.

By Train: The railway services are also awesome. There you have a meter gauge rail line of about 395-kms from Ahemedabad city. Moreover, the railway station is located at Sasan Gir which is 1 Km away from the Gir National Park.

By Road: You can reach this park from Ahmedabad through Rajkot, Mendarda and Junagadh. You will get the public transport buses from Junagadh through Mendarda and via Veraval. These services are available between November and June.