Kanha National Park is actually a tiger reserve located in the Balaghat and Mandla districts of Madhya Pradesh state. In the year 1930s, the Kanha area was separated into 2 sanctuaries named as Hallon and Banjar which are 250 and 300 kmē in area respectively. It was constructed on 1st June in the year 1955. This park has a substantial collection of Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian wild dog, Barasingha, the sloth bear and leopards. Rudyard Kipling got the inspiration for his popular novel "Jungle Book" from the lush green sal, ravines, greassy meadows, and bamboo forests of Kanha national park.

Tourist Attractions of Kanha National Park

Kanha Museum - In order top up your trip to the Kanha National Park you must visit the Kanha museum which is located inside this park. This museum offers handful of information about several things like pug marks of different animals, park maps, and the topography. These things can actually enlarge your experience.

Kanha National Park Tourism

Bamni Dadar - This place is also called as the sunset point which is surely famous amongst tourists. Mostly people visit this place to receive the amazing scenic beauty of the setting sun. This is one amongst the most charming destinations in the park. You can see various animals around this point which are also found in the mixed forest zone too like the 2 horned antelope, gaur, barking deer and sambar.

Raja Rani - There are 2 stumps of 2 big and giant sal trees present close to the visitor center in the Kanha National Park. These trees are worshipped on a daily basis. These trees are known as Raja Rani.

Safaris - There are 2 options for you in safari that are Elephant Safari and the Jeep Safari in order to spot the wild animals. You can enjoy these safaris any time during the day but the best time is to go for early morning and late evening time. The general timings for these safaris are 6 in the morning, 12 at noon and 3 to 5:30 in the evening.

Bird View - Tourists love to observe 200 species of resident as well as migratory birds in the Kanha National Park. There are wonderful and bright colored birds around. The bird watchers have extreme delight in their hands.

How to Reach

By Air: The Jabalpur airport is the closest one but the most commodious is the Nagpur airport. The Indian Airlines offer regular flights from Delhi to Nagpur and from Mumbai to Nagpur. Even the Jet airways also offer same flight schedule.

By Train: The Jabalpur railway station is the nearest one to the Kanha National Park which is over 169 Km away from the park and will take over 4 hrs rime. There are daily trains to Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. The major trains available are Mahakoshal Express, Mahanagri Express, Gondwana Express, Kolkata Mail, Rajendra Nagar Express (23:40), and Gorakhpur Express.

By Road: The road network is good, thus you can hire cars to reach the park or can go through to and fro pubic bus transport services Jabalpur to Kanha.