North India is a great destination for adventure lovers, which keep high spirit. This destination allows you to explore the adventure opportunities and enjoy the exciting adventure sports. North Indian travelling destinations like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh attract adventure buffs from across the world.

North India tour gives a diverse range of adventure sports to enjoy like trekking, skiing, mountaineering, camping, ice-skating, golf, angling, river rafting, aero- sports or camel safari. These adventure activities are full of excitement and experiences seem to be endless. This amazing tour will take you to various beautiful destinations, which lie in sheer natural beauty. Tourist can experience the snow-capped mountains, which offer fabulous opportunities for skiing during the winter and gushing rivers are ready to take you on an adventure ride through white river rafting.

North India Tourist Places

North India tourism offers out of the world experiences of the wilderness of the dense forests with wildlife safari and opportunities for aero-sports as well. The land of different culture allows you to go for interesting fishing expeditions at various lakes, take a camel ride to get acquainted with the mysterious desert, and even slip into the lifestyle of the Maharajas of the bygone era by indulging in the royal game golf. North Indian travel destinations are one of the excellent places in India in terms of adventure. Dominated by mesmerizing adventure sports and natural beauty destinations. It is a land of rich culture and heritage, which offers wondrous opportunities for different types of adventure. Come, and explore to your adventurous side in North India.

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