The Sundarbans National Park is a Tiger reserve and has also been given the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1987. This was declared as the Biosphere Reserve situated in the park delta in West Bengal in India in the year 1989. This is one amongst the biggest reserves for the Bengal tigers and is entirely covered with densely populated mangrove forests. This park is the home for wide variety of invertebrate animals, reptiles and bird species. Even it includes the salt water crocodile. You must be eager to know that it was entitled as the National park on 4th May 1984.

Tourist Attractions of Sunderbans

Sajnekhal - The Sajnekhali place consists of a bird sanctuary. Moreover, it is the only place where you can find good accommodation. Another thing is that it also holds a Mangrove Interpretation Centre. There are many watch towers available at Sajnekhali, Haldi, Netidhopan, Sudhanyakhali, and at various other areas in the Sundarbans National Park

Sundarbans National Park

Piyali - When you are going to Sunderbans you will come over this small town named as Piyali which offer a mind blowing picturesque. It is an awesome resting place and is also the gateway to this national park.

Kanak - The well established and highly popular relaxing places of the Olive Ridley Turtles in the national park are the beaches and the shallow waters present at Kanak. In order to breed these turtles migrate to these shallow coastal waters from a far away destination. It is believed that they journey for over 100 km of distance from the mouth of the sea to reach inside the Sunderbans National Park.

Halliday Island - This island is situated in the south section of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. It is the wildlife sanctuary which is for sure the last retrograde of the Barking Deer. One more wildlife sanctuary is the Lothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary which is a heavenly place for the bird watchers.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project - Another major attraction for tourists in the Sunderbans National Park is the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project. This project consists of a sanctuary and a hatchery which are also the home for largest estuarine crocodiles.

Netidhopani - You will definitely love to explore the picturesque charm and elegance of the Netidhopani. This charm has been incremented with the presence of teeming wild life species and mangrove forests. Another reason behind why tourists come to this place is the presence of the ruins and destructive elements of the 400-year-old temple.

How to Reach

By Air: It is not so easy to reach the nearest airport named as Dum Dum airport. This is located at Kolkata which is about 166 Km far from the Sunderbans National Park.

By Train: The near by railhead is available at a distance of over 105 Km that is present at Canning. From this place the tourists have to arrive at Sonakhali. This is the place from where the tourist adventure is tracked on another different line and dimension.

By Road: You can also make use of roadways to reach the Sunderbans. First you will have to take a boat ride to Gosaba and it takes about 6-7 hours. Then take up a rickshaw to reach Pakhirala. Again opt for a boat ferry to go across Sajnekhali which is the base of this national park. Well then you can go for bus service from Kolkata to Basunti through Babu ghat or reach Sonakhali.